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 DHC-6    Twin Otter


In 1965, De Havilland Canada developed the DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft – a high winged, un-pressurized twin engine turbine powered aircraft with fixed tricycle land gear. Designed as a rugged Short Take Off and Landing (“STOL”) commuter, the Twin Otter was capable of carrying passengers and cargo into remote unimproved locations, including ski and water-based operations.

The Twin Otter aircraft have been sold around the world to customers operating in the harshest environments, including sub-zero temperatures in Antarctica, the hottest deserts of North Africa, the mountainous regions of the Himalayas, and the open water of the Indian Ocean archipelagos. A testimony to its rugged construction and incredible STOL performance, the Twin Otter became the best-selling 19 passenger aircraft of all time, still unmatched for its dependability and versatility.

Viking puts the Twin Otter back in Production

In 2005, Viking purchased the Type Certificates for all of the out-of-production De Havilland aircraft (DHC-1 through DHC-7), including the Twin Otter. After an extensive market analysis was conducted, it was determined that an overwhelming demand existed to bring the Twin Otter back into production, thus the Viking Series 400 Twin Otter Production Program was announced in 2007. The first production aircraft was delivered in 2010 and by mid 2015, 75 of the new series had been delivered.

FLY VFE Connect presently operates 8 Twin Otters, used to service the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Our ALASKA franchise operates 6 Twin Otters, serving the most isolated citizens in the United States.   We anticipate purchasing further examples of the type as we expand operations into more areas. 

Technical Specifications

Crew                     1-2

Passengers           19-20

Propulsion            2 Turboprop Engines

Engine                   ModelPratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-28

Engine Power       (each)507 kW680 shp

Speed                    348 km/h188 kts 216 mph

Service Ceiling      8.138 m26.700 ft

Range                    1.296 km700 NM 806 mi.

Empty Weight       3.363 kg7.414 lbs

max. T/OWeight    5.670 kg12.500 lbs

Wing Span              19,81 m 64 ft 12 in

Wing Area               39,0 m²420 ft²

Length                     15,77 m 51 ft 9 in

Height                      5,94 m19 ft 6 in

First Flight               20.05.1965

Production Status   in production

Total Production>250



Twin Otter Fuselage Specs.png
Twin Otter Cabin Specs.png
FLY VFE Twin Otter Snow.png
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