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  • How often do I have to fly?
    In order to remain active on the airline rosters, you need to file at least one PIREP every 30 days.
  • What if I cannot fly for a while?
    We allow pilots to go on leave for up to 90 days per year. If you are going to be unable to fly for a while, just mark yourself as being on leave and you will not have to file a PIREP for that period.
  • Do I have to fly online?
    No, you can fly off-line or on-line, the choice is yours.
  • How does your rank and bonus scheme work?
    As you file PIREPS you will be credited with flight hours. As your flight hours increase you will be automatically promoted through our ranking structure. Once you have accrued the required number of hours to apply to become a Captain, you can arrange a check ride with one of our instructors to make sure you are up to the job. As in the real world, it is not enough to just build up flight hours if you aspire to become a Captain at Fly VFE Virtual Airways. We are looking for leaders and so you must be able to demonstrate that you are able to command a commercial aircraft to achieve the rank of Captain within our airline. Our friendly team are here to help support and encourage you to achieve this goal. In addition to logging your flight hours, our system automatically detects how well you fly. As your flying improves, you will be awarded bonus points which can unlock other ranks and awards within the virtual airline.
  • Can I choose which flights to fly?
    Yes, you can search and choose which route to fly from our list of published routes which is constantly growing as we expend our operations. The routes available to you will also depend on the aircraft type you choose.
  • Can I join FLY VFE if I am already a member of another VA?
    Yes, you can be a member of as many VAs as you like. When flying a flight with FLY VFE however, you are not permitted to simultaneously record the same flight for another VA.
  • Can I transfer hours from another VA?
    Fly VFE does not accept transferred hours from other virtual airlines or pilot recording software. All members follow the same path here at Fly VFE, including our staff. We all start with zero hours and points and work our way up through the ranks as we progress.
  • Does your flight tracking software support Xbox, MacOS or Linux based systems?
    No. Our flight tracking software only supports MS Windows. Users of Xbox, Linux or MacOS operating systems can still join and fly with us however, but you will have to file manual PIREPS.
  • Can I fast forward my flight to make it go faster?
    No, you must fly all of our routes in real time otherwise the flight will be rejected by the system. If you only have a short amount of time available to conduct a flight, we have many routes which can be flown in less than 1 hour.

In order to be able to join FLY VFE Virtual Airways you must:

• be 13 years old or over.
• be able to communicate fluently in English.
• own a legal, working copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D, or XPlane.

• have an internet connection and a valid email address.
• have read and agree to all terms and conditions in our Code of Conduct and Pilot Handbook.
• be able to fly at least one flight and file a PIREP (Pilot Report) within the first 14 days of joining and thereafter at least one flight every 30 days.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept applications of pilots under the age of 13 in due to the guidance set out in GDPR regulations.  If you are under 13,  please hold tight and apply to join us as soon as you turn 13!

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