Pilot Discount Vouchers

posted by Steve Mount on 2019-02-26

We are delighted to advise that our scheme to bring our virtual pilots into the real world simulator at Virtual Flight Experience has now been launched.

Details Follow:

Active Fly VFE pilots now qualify for a special hourly rate of £55 per hour (as opposed to our normal rate of £135 per hour). Please note in order to qualify for these prices you must have an active account and be logging at least one flight on FlyVFE per 30 days.

For every $10,000 you earn flying for Fly VFE, we will allocate a further £10 discount to you which can be used against any VFE session. Maximum of one voucher can be used per session. This means you can fly the VFE sim for as little as £45 per hour!

To book your session simply contact the team at VFE www.virtualflightexperience.co.uk